Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Do as I say! Not as I do.. local social Media


An old friend in Canada posted on Facebook.. look at all the people trying to sell social media.. that aren't doing their own blogging, or facebooking or.....

Jacquie... you are so right.   And here I am telling people they need to blog and twit and FB .. and this is only post #2 for our newly rebranded website.

Yes, I use all the same excuses my clients do, not enough time, not sure what to say, blah blah blah blah.. but the truth is.. I haven't done it.  Simple discipline   We do the Social Media and Blogging for several companies that market to local business.. but like the cobbler's kids that have no shoes.. we don't do it for our self.

So this is my commitment.... even though we are not actively looking for new client's at the moment, I will start using 10 minutes a day at lunch time to run through my thoughts on localized internet based marketing.  What has worked, what hasn't worked.. what's coming up.

Not looking for new clients???  Of course.. existing clients, people close to us, referrals,  we will work with you, however at the moment we are very involved in a project that will simply redefine how any industry looks at local directories for their niche market.  We are very focussed on this project, and it will be a part of future blogs.  Interesting, we launched the new directory for only 1 city, and a search in that city... we came up not just on the first page of google.. but the first competitor was on page 3.. everything else was our work.  We are definitely redefining the value statement when it comes to niche market directories.. I can't wait to finish the pilots and begin sharing our results!

I look forward to this moment with you, my readers and clients.  Finally.. We are putting words to paper (pixels?), and speaking to the local business person.

I have to be very frank, local businesses.. you are being lied to, given false information, ravaged in fees and inundated in salespeople.  I'm going to do my best to shoot straight from the hip.

Thanks to all who follow me.

So many topics to choose from tomorrow's lunch.. is local SEO dead?  what did Google think they were doing when they moved all the Google Local submissions over to Google Plus? advertising there a good idea?   Pay Per Click on Google - what's our and our client's experience?   Who'd have believed Facebook would be so productive?   Why are there so many bad local internet marketers banging on your door every day... worse... are the bad internet marketers, that are good salespeople!

So.. I will pick from the list, or . . . send me some feedback.. what would you like to hear about.  Tomorrow Lunch starts my discipline to write for at least 10 minutes on a blog a day.

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