Monday, July 14, 2014

Does Facebook Drive Traffic To Your Website

This morning I have a very interesting case study.

A client that has not got enough time to fool around with Facebook. A Facebook Post.. even one poorly written, takes about a minute if you count it all up.

Lets compare site traffic to posting!

Their last posting  (that wasn't the general 4th of July posting that I put up for all of my clients"  marked their last real web traffic.  The web continued to get traffic from organic sources. But the real traffic, is clearly a cause and effect tied to Facebook.   

While Many of my clients have some "general" cause and effect between site traffic and social posting.. this client is one of the most starkly clear cause and effect case studies.

The clear answer is social drives traffic to your site.

I don't have time to fool around with Facebook.

A very interesting statement.

IF you did "fool around with FaceBook"  would you have time to service the new clients it would bring?

Have a great day everyone.