Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Disruptive Digital Marketing 2014

Things are really happening here at 4th street web.

1. Our first internet property that is OUR property, not a client work, will be launching 2014.

2. We welcome to our group our first permanent developer. Tharindu has made a massive difference to the amount and quality of web marketing that we have been able to deliver. Welcome Tharindu.

3. New Platforms - in the ever changing web world, one must constantly evaluate and re-evaluate all of our technology decisions, and 4thstreet has made the decision to embrace WordPress, Specifically the Multi-site version, as the primary platform of choice. We will continue to develop with, Joomla, however their is now an overwhelming tool set for security and other functionality for WordPress.

4. Servers - the physical equipment part of our world is the ugliest part of our business. You will speak to NO digital marketer that actually loves their server provider. We had intended to move to the Amazon Cloud, or the new Google Hosting, however it appears that they are not attuned to the needs of midsize digital marketers. We also discovered that most of the providers for folks like us, are actually all owned by the same group, and housed in the same building - guaranteed mediocrity. We are moving, over the next 3 weeks to new ferociously powerful, and very secure isolated servers, where their specialty is in our tool set. We have had 4 failures of our servers in the last 6 months, including one in the middle of my vacation where I spent the entire vacation glued to my notebook... This is not an acceptable level of service for us, nor should it be for our clients. We look forward to our new launch.

5. Client Portals... we get so much email, spam, offers, client correspondence, order confirmations.... that important correspondence from our customers is getting lost. We are researching a new client portal that will give our clients a secure way of communicating with us, leaving us files, requesting updates, etc.

7. Project Management - along with the client portal, the unbelievable growth in demand for our digital marketing services has lead us to move into structured project management software. The project management software we chose will be fully integrated with the client portal, and we will be far better able to serve your needs.

2014 will be an amazing year for 4thStreetWeb and all of our clients. Thank you for your support.